We offer our customers an assertive administration service across all telecom connection types and devices.  Our custom-built TorchLight® technology processes the volumes of billing and contractual data, from all network operators, enabling us to identify areas requiring swift action to implement telecom, cost-cutting measures.  A specially assigned team works directly with you to ensure a seamless and personal service is delivered in this highly sensitive, yet business-critical, operations space.

How we do this:

Our offering focusses on three essential components:


Usage and device distribution is governed by policy and this is monitored and reported on, in-life, for the duration of the engagement. We report on any abnormal activities within the business. With on-going tracking and reporting of actual monthly benefits against implemented and current fixed and mobile operator agreements.


Torch ensures that the commercial benefits flow to the customer, due to expert negotiations with vendors. Our exposure to market pricing gives us a good base from which to pass judgment on the all telecoms commercial offerings. In our experience, at least 10% of your existing telecom invoice is billed in error. Supported by TorchLight®, the contractual compliance is measured every month, with disputes driven to resolution, often in the form of credit notes. 

Assertive Administration

Torch supports every user, every issue, every day. Our Service desk is driven by ITIL certified support staff. It performs to mutually agreed service level agreements to ensure that your company’s telecom users feel well-supported and are kept informed every step of the way.

Our Service Stack

Torch follows the audit-to-action approach. By conducting a deep-dive into your existing telecom expenses and administration needs – from invoice, to inventory to infrastructure – we can identify where the customer needs us most, both internally and externally.

The services stack is divided into internal components concerned with user support, asset management and procurement as well as external components concerned with vendor management.

Our service stack can be combined as required to arrive at a customised per connection based price, which will decrease as our consultants gain insights into the usage within the base; rationalise the surplus infrastructure; and optimise the cost components.

Internal Services Offered:

Strategic Solution Advisory Services
Keep abreast of technologies available within the telecom industry in order to identify opportunities for the customer to bring operational and cost efficiencies to bear.

Take the business to the market place, and run a fixed and/or Mobile RFP on behalf of the customer. Regularly review packages against actual performance and adjust if eligible. Significant savings can be brought to bear in this area.

Governance and Compliance
Workshop and write or reivew an existing Telecom Policy specifically for the requirements of the customer.

Bespoke reports detailing consumption, spend and trends across all the voice and data connections

Incident Management and User Support
Offering hands on support to every user, every issue, every day, by managing and owning day-to-day queries from SIM swops, repairs, upgrades and migrations, ensuring that these are done in accordance with the Group Mobile Policy.

Asset Management and Tracking
Torch will compile, manage and maintain a master data file of all contracted SIM cards associating each number and device to an employee as well as mobile plan details

External Services Offered:

Vendor Management
Hold the networks accountable for their service level agreements and customer expectations as communicated in their proposal.

Billing and Contractual Compliance Verification
Receive all invoices, statements and itemised billing – complete billing verification against the itemised records and contracts.

Vendor Settlement and internal allocation
Once the Carriers invoice has been verified and is authorised for payment, Torch can prepare an accounts’ payment file in accordance with the customer’s financial system parameters.

Dispute resolution
Working with the fixed and mobile operator to ensure accurate invoices are presented; identifying, securing and monetising all rebates owed

Understanding Mobility

Mobility in Corporate South Africa

The South African mobile market grew higher than forecast in 2015 as it gained an impressive 8.14 million subscribers. BMI (2016) forecast a market with over 97 million subscribers in 2020. Corporate South Africa makes up less than 15% of this market. Although Enterprise is seen as a high value segment, the consumer market is of greater concern and significance for the MNO (Mobile Network Operator).

The Enterprise mobile traffic is not a priority for the South African Networks – you simply have to reflect on the service levels you receive from your current MNO to realise that this is true. In a recent proposal to one of our customers in the UK, a global mobile service provider made the statement, “dealing with carriers is difficult”. Often this laborious task is shouldered within enterprise by procurement or IT subject matter experts, or another designated full-time employee (FTE) overqualified for the job, for whom it is not a priority.

According to Gartner (2016), the mobility estate is an increasingly complex environment requiring management of several components such as:

  • Security
  • Application control
  • Fragmented device fleet
  • Operating system landscape
  • Associated expenses management
  • Keeping abreast of new technologies
  • Sourcing and provisioning of hardware
  • Supporting  enterprise mobility management software
  • Navigating the interconnect price reductions to ensure that airtime is contracted at favourable rates

Best practice

Enterprises seek outsourced services to:

  • Control their expenses
  • Reduce risk and, in particular,
  • Secure the field device assets, while remaining innovative and abreast of future solutions, in which the MNOs are investing heavily, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Digitalisation.

With this technology space bursting with opportunity and cost, Torch is optimally placed as the subject matter expert to manage your environment – from the simple data dongle, to whatever immense possibilities that arise from the Internet of Things.