Fuelled by Facts – Your Facts!

Sourcing every contract, invoice, itemised bill and credit note, Torch leaves no stone unturned in the quest for the optimal telecom estate.

TorchLight® – our proprietary modelling, reporting, analytics engine – transforms all your vendor and enterprise data to yield over 86 unique insights into your telecom spend

At our own risk – with no cost to you – we produce an audit report that investigates every cost driver and commercial condition in your telecom bill to ascertain the value we can add against standard, industry benchmarks.

The audit report is a highly customised Telecom Expense Management (TEM) strategy and implementation plan, customised to your enterprise’s needs that takes all relevant market offerings into consideration.

By modelling cost-saving initiatives conservatively and detailing how to optimise every cost driver, you control which initiatives are implemented and the resulting ROI. Torch provides a full-service based on hard data that provides visibility while enabling technical, commercial and contractual control.

We translate the facts into insights that inform a fully resourced and implementable, customised Telecom Expense Management (TEM) strategy. The strategy includes an analysis of market offerings compared to your exisiting telecom estate.

Given the dynamic nature of the telecom market, keeping the estate commercially pristine requires time, effort, vigilance and service. Service to the enterprise is a significant part of the return on telecom spend. Every user, every issue, every day – telecom technology should empower your work force; enable people to work with people. Torch enhances your TEM strategy, drives relevance, and delivers returns.