TorchLight® is our proprietary dynamic modelling, re-rating ad reporting platform that enables us to source every fact related to your telecom estate. Even the carriers trust our intelligence more than their own.

Purpose built by our in-house specialist developers, our technology enables us to transform Big Data from carriers into business intelligence and, based on your historical data, remodel telecom scenarios specific to your enterprise.

Based on an integration of common off-the-shelf products, TorchLight® assimilates over 200 data feeds from telecom operators across Africa and Europe. This makes it a multi-currency tool that is quick, flexible, and powerful to configure the automated retrieval and loading of telecom data into a robust complex relational database.

With over 50 unique reports detailing expenditure and behaviour, both internally and externally, the platform ensures that every single minute, megabyte and device is visible and under management. All reported in accordance with your cost centre structures and HR data, so that it’s meaningful throughout your company.

What are its key benefits?

Gaining insight into customer specific consumption of telecom services.

Eliminating all risk from all telecom vendor proposals

Enabling fact-based decision making

Unlocking tactical and strategic value through tracking of actual spend against budget.

Highlighting user behaviour and the return on all telecom-related projects.