TorchNEWS: Customer Carrier Summons Revoked

Carrier Summons Revoked

At the start of 2019 our Customer was unexpectedly sent a summons for damaged Telecoms infrastructure from one of their carriers. Needless to say, the customer was not happy considering there had been NO communications from the carrier leading up the summons. Our customer immediately engaged the services of an attorney but when no resolution on the matter was forthcoming, our customer decided to ask Torch to intervene.


We are very proud to say that within one month of receiving the information, Torch successfully negotiated with the carrier in question, who subsequently withdrew the summons in its entirety.


Herewith a summary of the timeline:

  • January 2019: Customer issued with summons from Carrier
  • February 2019: Customer hires attorney
  • May 2019: Torch is informed and asked to investigate
  • June 2019: Summons withdrawn due to Torch intervention.

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