TorchNEWS: R350K Savings from 3 Savings Initiatives, Additional Contracts Awarded at Existing Customer, Overcoming the Struggle for Data

R350K Savings from 3 Savings Initiatives

After being awarded the Management Consulting contract for a leading stockist and distributor of both specialty and commodity raw materials to a variety of industries last year, Torch has identified potential first year savings of over R350K across three different Savings Initiatives looking at both mobile and fixed line elements. These Savings Initiatives have already been presented to, and signed off by the Customer.

Additional Contracts Awarded at Existing Customer

Last year, Torch announced a first for us with our first proposal that was generated directly from our website.

Following the initial agreement to only provide Spotlight™ support to one of the world’s leading organisations of independent assurance, tax and advisory firms, Torch has now been awarded two additional contracts. These are for a clean-up of the mobile fleet and Administrative Outsourcing.


Overcoming the Struggle for Data

As anyone who is dependent on external data inputs knows, sometimes it feels like a never-ending struggle to get what you need, when you need it, and in a usable format. This is not made easier when your contacts in an organisation get reassigned or they don’t know their own service catalogue as well as they possibly could.

That is why it’s worth celebrating the end of a 6-month struggle to get the required data in order for Torch have the visibility required. We can only hope that now that we have successfully done it for one Customer, we can do it for the rest.

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