Torch Automates Customer Reports

Our Development team has automated Cost Allocation Reports (CAR) for the largest retailer of building materials and associated products throughout South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland, Malawi and Zambia. Through this automation, we put 45 minutes back into the day for each Torch Service Consultant. Torch is looking forward to future process automation to enhance our businesses efficiency, and therefore our ability to serve our customers more quickly.


Torch Negotiates Credits for Major Customer

A leading South African financial service provider saves money on BDO lines as Torch meticulously negotiates for credits from a leading carrier. Torch looks forward to helping more of our customers save money.


Torch Promotes Youth Work Experience

Torch has always looked at our youth as the future, and has continued investing in the growth and development of said future by employing a new young intern, an intelligent matriculant who shows great promise and a zest for life.


Torch Awarded Management of VoIP RFP

Torch has been awarded the management to run a VoIP RFP for the largest aluminium extruder and supplier in Africa.