Torch Solutioneers™ Website Launched

Torch is very pleased to announce the launch of our Solutioneers™ website. All future automation work will be staged from Torch Solutioneers™. Go check it out


Several of our blog posts in the past have dealt with perseverance in some form or another, be it for the chasing of invoice payments or credit notes, carrier data gathering, etcetera. It is worth remembering that a bit of perseverance and lateral thinking may be required if at first you are unsuccessful. If you are unable to find a vendor or customer champion where you expected to, look outside the department or business unit for that proverbial window and try again until you succeed.


Although initially only considering putting a portion of their user’s SIMs on Spotlight, Torch’s customer, an international supplier of industrial gases related to products offered to the steel, automotive & fabrication, food & beverage, mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and glass industries, has now decided to move them all. This will definitely have the effect of easier mobile management, especially with the increase of remote working at this time.