IndustryNEWS: Risk of “opting out” of Vodacom’s Limit Lock

Earlier this year ICASA, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, instituted regulations enforcing automatic “out-of-bundle” limit locking by the mobile providers, therefore preventing users from incurring out of bundle charges unknowingly.

However, one of our Customer Service Consultants recently discovered her customers’ mobile provider had suddenly stopped sending usage alerting (data, minutes) via SMS. These notifications help the customer to keep track of what they have spent and how much is remaining from their monthly limits.

It turns out that the customer opted out of the “out-of-bundle” limit lock which is why the notifications were stopped.

This means that any customer who opted out of the limit lock will no longer receive usage notifications. The most obvious risk being that customers which are used to receiving these notification at intervals above 50%, will not be able to rely on this keep track of their usage (and spend), and are likely to reach their mobile policy limits (if they have them) without warning.  Worse still, they could unknowingly run up a massive bill if they do not have proactive demand management software.