TorchNEWS: Portal Revamp | Getting Started | R90K Surprise


Newly Revamped Registration Portal

It’s important to keep abreast of the times, as well as customer needs. This may require user interface up dates and grades, and not just making sure that data you are requesting is still relevant. Torch’s registration portal update for a customer that provides insurance services to personal, commercial and corporate clients gets the job done, and looks good doing it!

Getting Started

Often times, a new piece of work will stall after proposal acceptance when diaries are full, it’s month end, there’s something urgent that’s come up and you can’t get a kick-off meeting scheduled. Forget getting the project over the line, getting it to the starting point is the struggle. Separating out an easily achievable deliverable that needs little or no customer involvement and easing into that often gets the ball rolling.

Who wouldn’t like to say that a deliverable has already been completed by the time your kick-off meeting happens.

Billing Verification – R90K Surprise

Checking supplier invoices is critical. A Torch customer was recently billed almost R90K for interest due to a late payment penalty. Due to Torch’s meticulous record keeping, we were able to successfully Dispute this with the Telecom service provider, provide proof of payment and recons, resulting in the full withdrawal of the penalty.