What is the Torch Administrative Outsource?

Designed and built by Telecom Lifecycle Management Specialists, the Torch Administrative Outsource is a potent, modular, outsource based management methodology that supports every user, every issue, every day. Our highly experienced, well trained staff support Customer users and keep informed every step of the way.

By conducting a deep-dive into your existing Telecom expenses and administration needs, from invoice to inventory to infrastructure, we can identify where the Customer needs us most, both internally and externally. The services stack is divided into components concerned with user support, asset management and procurement as well as components concerned with vendor management.

Our service stack can be combined as required to arrive at a customised per connection-based price, which will decrease as we gain insights into the usage within the base, rationalise the surplus infrastructure, and optimise the cost components.

Although not required, it is highly recommended that Spotlight™ is purchased in conjunction with the Torch Administrative Outsource. Spotlight™ is a powerful, modular, cloud based TEM platform that delivers unparalleled visibility, analytics, and controls across your entire Telecom landscape. Spotlight™ is completely provider and technology agnostic. This means that reporting is available on all Telecom expenditure, consumption, devices, products, services, technologies, and commercials across all providers, in one platform, effortlessly.

Why use the Torch Telecom Administrative Outsource?

The Torch Administrative Outsource is most suitable to organisations who have multiple mobile connected devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, security handheld units, and so on. These would all be units which are paid for by the organization but used by the employees of the business. The truth is, not all businesses need and Administrative Outsource. Some organizations are quite happy and capable to manage the mobile connected devices internally.

It really depends on the strategy of each company as to whether mobile connected devices should be managed internally or if it should be handed over to experts. A major problem is that executives mostly underestimate the complexity involved in managing mobile connected devices. We often hear: “we have it under control, we use spreadsheets and software to keep track of things”. Frankly, whenever we hear that we get worried for the Customer.

Factors that are often overlooked include:

Complex Nature of Telecom Carriers Support Systems

These support systems are notoriously finicky and when a business has more than one carrier, things get really difficult. This makes it very time consuming to effectively manage the mobile connected devices.

Support Processes 

The number of support processes and sub-processes involved. It takes time, experienced resources (know-how, people, industry knowledge, and technology) to ensure mobile connected devices are managed successfully from end to end.

No Clear Internal Ownership 

A major challenge for businesses is that executives usually expect IT or procurement to manage mobile connected fleets, which immediately becomes a problem because it is unclear who has to own the process. Should it be Procurement who typically has to negotiate the deal, or is it IT who typically has to deal with the users, their problems and their connectivity.

The question business executives and managers need to ask themselves is who would be best suited to do the job and how much would it cost the company, whichever option is chosen? Does the business have the time and resources to be responsible for ordering, configuring, dispatching, fixing problems and faults, billing, asset management, and contracts for the fleet of devices? Is it worth spending the time and effort to resolve issues relating to billing, device fixes, call logging, getting reports to work, getting missing data into reports, and creating meaningful reports out of mountains of data sets…

…or is it better to give it to experts to administer?

Torch knows how to administer mobile connected estates. We have the time, we have the resources, and for us it is priority number 1. We have the experience, we have an in-depth understanding of the industry, we know the role-players, and we work across multiple sectors. To give some context to the matter, when Torch administers the mobile connected devices for our Customers, we implement 85x specified service categories, with 32 distinct areas of actionable responsibility, and a minimum of 11 core processes all relating to new user applications, deliveries, asset and SIM transfers, faults, loan devices, BOYD, SIM swops, user incidents, carrier incidents, and reporting.

Connections under Torch Administration

Torch Administrative Outsource Track Record

Our specialist teams manage all call logging incidents.

Torch Administrative Outsource Operating Modules

Take the hassle out of managing the assets

Asset Tracking and Management. We ensure that every corporate contract is associated to an employee/department, cost centre and mobile contract, in a centralised database. We concern ourselves with your HR moves, so that costs can be recovered from the correct cost centres.

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  • Torchlight® proprietary software
  • Master Asset Register
    • SIM (MSISDN)
    • Subscriptions
    • Device (IMEI)
    • Employee linking
    • Cost centre linking
  • Variance Reporting
    • Asset | HR | invoice detail alignment
  • Cancellations & Consolidations
Take the hassle out of managing the people

Incident Management and User Support. We support every user, every issue, every day. Our ITIL certified service desk ensures that SLAs are tracked and performance measured and reported on. We engage directly with the end users, therefore reducing the noise in the business and enabling users.

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  • ITIL-certified Service Desk
    • Requests
    • Incidents
    • SLAs
  • Extended Hours Emergency Service
    • SIM Support
    • Device Support
    • Repairs and loan devices
  • Device dispatch
Quickly and easily view information

Reporting. Using the information gathered from the Asset and Vendor Management modules, we are able to provide detailed usage and cost reporting to all levels of the business.

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  • TorchLight® proprietary software
  • Telecom Vendors Feeds
    • Consumption
    • Billing
    • Monthly, Quarterly & Annual
    • Group
    • Division
    • Cost Centre
    • Individual
    • MSISDN
    • Device
  • Fully Customisable
Easy, sensible rules for your employees

Governance and Compliance. We ensure that the mobile policy is accurate, relevant and adhered to, thereby reducing the risk of revenue and data leakage within the organisation.

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  • New (Reviewed) Mobile Policy
    • Best Practices
    • Maintained & Improved over term
  • Change Management of policy
  • Identification of infringements
Making sure you have the best deal

Optimization. Using in-depth traffic analysis we are able to ensure appropriate fit for any service. We perform contract reviews across all of the Telecom vendors within the business, running, evaluating and adjudicating benchmarking on behalf of our customers to ensure that costs are optimised and efficiencies delivered. We run this exercise once in every contract cycle.

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  • Upgrades
  • Package optimisation
  • Contract benchmarking
Single point of contact, makes your life easier

Vendor Management. A single point of contact between the vendors and our customers, leveraging our Telecom relationships, reducing the risk of fraud, and ensuring control and accountability for your Telecom environment.

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  • Contracts
  • Orders
  • Queries
  • Deliveries
  • SLAs
  • Expectation Management
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Billing & Management Portals
Keeping your vendors honest

Billing and Contractual Compliance Verification. We hold the vendors accountable by ensuring that they are billing accurately and in accordance with their contracts.

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  • TorchLight® proprietary software
  • Contractual Integrity
  • Commercial Integrity
  • Billing:
    • Statements
    • Invoices
  • Itemisation Reports
Payment processing made easy

Vendor Settlement and Internal Allocation. Using the formats required by your organisation, we create payment, and cost recovery allocation upload documents. We ensure that the vendors allocate your payments timeously and correctly, thereby removing the risk of interest charges, and account suspensions.

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  • Vendors
    • Account Consolidation
    • Payments File (SAP)
  • Internal
    • Cost Allocation
      • Cost Centres
      • Individuals
  • ERP Upload File
Getting your money back

Dispute Resolution *. Where variances have been detected, we raise the disputes with the vendors and ensure that credits are passed, and that corrective measures are taken to resolve the root cause.

* Requires the Billing Verification and Governance & Compliance modules to be in place.

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  • Identify anomalies
  • Secure resolution
  • Realise credit

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