Torch was started in 2004 by Sean Taylor (Managing Director), Malcolm van Hilten, and Derek King. Having had enough of working for other people, they decided to strike out on their own – how difficult could it be? What a learning curve that turned out to be!

Despite their initial lack of knowledge and based in a room in someone’s home, they did all they could in order to learn, and to pick people’s brains. It was an exciting time. After securing a few customers it was time for the next big step, the hiring on their first employee! A nerve-racking task as they were about to be responsible for another person. Unfortunately it was a bit of a disaster and by day three they were back to employee count = 0. Needless to say, it was a while before they tried again.

In 2007 Torch were up to six employees and graduated to a set of offices. It was a growing-up moment for the directors and for Torch. Anne Gray (Director) joined Torch in 2008 as a “Voice Administrator” having come from a teaching background. This dovetailed nicely with the initiative from Torch to start hiring teachers on the basis that they showed sufficient amounts of commitment, intelligence, creativity, and had excellent problem solving, and people skills. Anne was in fact one of three teachers who were hired around that time.

2008 turned out to be a significant year and Torch parted ways with Derek, and began a concerted push to explore more technology. Up until then all reporting was very manual intensive and very far removed from the technology platforms that Torch uses today, both external and internally developed.

Up until 2013, Torch was almost exclusively consulting focused, specifically around fixed voice cost savings. Seeing the opportunity in the mobile telecoms sector, managed services came into being and fully separated from consulting in 2015. The need for a separate service desk area resulted in a much-anticipated move to bigger offices in Hyde Park, Torch’s current base of operations. This move also saw the breakaway of Torch Analytics, headed by Malcolm, to separate offices. Towards the end of 2018 the decision was made to completely separate Torch from Torch Analytics and Anne stepped into a Director position, replacing Malcolm.

Since then, Torch has been increasingly adding to its automated processes, allowing for more time spent on customer interactions and to finding more cost saving initiatives.