What is Spotlight™ ?

Designed and built by Technology Expense Management (TEM) Specialists, Spotlight™  is a powerful, modular, cloud based TEM platform that delivers unparalleled visibility, analytics, and controls across your entire Telecom landscape.

Spotlight™ is completely provider and technology agnostic. This means that reporting is available on all Telecom expenditure, consumption, devices, products, services, technologies, and commercials across all providers, in one platform, effortlessly.


Spotlight® Core Competencies
Inventory Management

Single point to control and understand the entire mobile device inventory landscape across the entire organisation.

Track all new products, services deployed and associated costs.

Spotlight® Core Competencies
Business Intelligence and Automation

Purpose built reports and tools enable both expenditure and infrastructure optimisation aligned to the unique structure and groupings of the organisation. Automated rule-based triggers, alerts, and notifications.

Improves user adherence to policies.

Knowledge, Insight, and Visibility

Make decisions using fact-based information. Anytime, anywhere access to critical data pertaining to all providers, expenditure, consumption, technologies deployed, services used, contracts, devices, users and locations.

Lessen the dependency on providers for usage and cost based information.

Budgets, Cost Management, and Commercial Compliance

Track and review budget against vendor billing enabling enterprise wide cost control. Automatically split, allocate, and distribute enterprise expenditure and/or consumption at pre-defined intervals.

Achieve vendor commercial compliance peace of mind.

Multi-vendor Management

Single point to control and understand the entire contract landscape, across any number of vendors, mobile assets (devices and SIMS), services, terms, and costs across the entire organisation.

Improves vendor accountability.

Spotlight® Features


User friendly interface

Web based access

Highly responsive

Exceptionally scalable

API integration

Integration with ERP apps

Compatible with multiple file formats

Multi-tenant structures available

Permission based access

Secure 256 bit access

Modular platform

Based in secure hosting environments


Easy analysis of data

Dashboard with details

Triggers and actions

Automated reporting

Exception reporting

Predictive reporting

Trend reporting

Usage alerts

Exception alerts

Customisable reports

Multiple reporting periods

Export options for reports

Drill through functionality

Metadata assigning


Add, remove, and edit company groupings

Add, remove, and edit users

Manage user passwords

Assign and easily manage private and business usage

Schedule automated reports

Set alerts and notifications (SMS and Email)

Import internal company directories

Set and manage budgets

Assign usage policies to groups of individuals

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