TorchNEWS: Carrier Billing Portals

Carrier Billing Portals

Torch has been mandated to audit a new pillar of telecoms expense for an existing customer, an international supplier of industrial gases related to products offered to the steel, automotive & fabrication, food & beverage, mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and glass industries. Getting complete and up-to-date data is arguably one of the more onerous tasks in doing an audit, which makes being able to access a carrier’s, or indeed any vendor’s, billing portal a huge win. Telkom’s online EasyBill portal is a great example of this. Both in terms of an audit, and as a tool for the customer.

Easybill is not the only portal available and Vodacom, who have historically provided their billing documents to the customers by means of couriered CD, have been more recently encouraging the use of their billing portal. Torch supports several customers that use Vodacom’s services and with the lockdown impeding the couriering of CDs, customers with access to the portal had a much easier go of it. From Torch’s perspective, having access to the wealth of data contained in the detailed .csv files in order to produce usage breakdowns is much more useful that the one or two page .pdf bill summary.